People have different takes on what marketing collateral is. Some say it’s a file of general sales materials that account execs use to pitch new clients. Others say it’s a tool chest of documents that accompany a product or service promotion. Both are correct.

The way I see it, marketing collateral is a collection of easy-to-digest evergreen digital or hard copy materials that promote your brand and its products and services. It can also be the essential marketing material that arms your sales team. But it can also include specific literature — digital or hard copy — that promotes a product launch.

However you define it, marketing collateral is essential to your sales kit. That’s why I decided to compile this simple checklist to guide you through the arduous task of creating and assembling your sales arsenal.

  1. General Collateral

This is your list of evergreen business collateral. It’s documentation that evolves from your core documentation and its job is to tell the world who you are and what you do. No matter what, if you’re a serious business owner, you should have most items on this list ready to go.


General Brand Company Collateral


Hard Copy

□ Business cards

□ Brochures

□ Sell Sheets

□ Company/Brand Profiles

□ Media Kit

□ Proposal

□ General Services Fact Sheet

□ Pricing Guides

□ Elevator Speech Scripts (memorized)


□ Website

□ Landing Page

□ Social Media Profiles

□ Company Story Video

□ Testimonials

□ Portfolio Page



  1. Product or Service-based Marketing Collateral

Most companies keep a file of evergreen marketing materials for each featured product and service. But, you can also create a list of appropriate materials for each product or service launch and promotion.

Information Products


Promotional/Product Launch

□ Pricing Guide

□ Case Studies

□ Whitepapers

□ Product/Service Video

□ Explainer Video

□ Sell Sheet

□ Explainer Video3.

□ Promotional Video

□ Landing Page

□ Podcast

If you want to develop niche authority, leadership, and a passive revenue stream, information products are a great option. While they can be time-consuming to produce, they’re worth the effort because, in the end, they’re that gift that keeps on giving for brands.

Information Products

(evergreen and client accessed)

□ eBooks

□ Books

□ e-Courses

□ Case Studies

□ Tutorial Video

This checklist is, by no means, comprehensive. But it will guide you through your process of creating appropriate materials that will give you an edge. Sure, producing marketing collateral takes a little time, but for new (or not-so-new) brands, having them on hand helps you and your sales team while lending a polished look to your brand.

Do you need marketing collateral but don’t know where to start? Turns out that’s my forte. Get in touch to schedule a consultation!