"More than mere teachers, mentors are often emancipators, freeing artists from poor technique, clouded vision and personal uncertainty." -- Paul Soderberg

I offer two kinds of coaching.

I’m not a book writing coach who helps authors develop their manuscript and promises to help them publish, per se. I will coach you through your project to its completion -- be it a book, ebook, series, script, screenplay, short story, article or blog, to name a few. I call that Project-based Coaching.

I also help writers learn the craft of writing and sharpen their skills. You'll understand who you are as a writer and what kind of writer you can be. You'll figure out if you belong in a newsroom, a PR firm, a corporate communications or marketing department or at home as a freelancer.  You'll unearth the writer hidden within and identify your core genre(s). But, most of all, I'll show you how to live your writer's life and produce the work you're born to write ... on your terms. I call that Intensive Writing Life Coaching.

30-minute free initial consultation

Start by sending me a writing sample of your current or past work -- finished or unfinished -- 48 hours before our session.
During our session, we'll discuss:
  • What do you know about coaching?
  • What kind of coaching do you feel you need?
  • What are your writing goals?
  • Project-asedB or Intensive Writing Life Coaching?
  • If project-based, describe your project and its scope.
  • If Intensive Writing Life Coaching, what do you hope to learn and gain?
If there's a fit, on to the next phase.

Project-Based Coaching

Get unstuck.

Project-based coaching is pretty self-explanatory. It doesn't matter at what phase you are in your project's development, I'll help you 
  • Map out your path to project completion
  • Identify writing issues
  • Determine your personal accountability plan
  • Create a project schedule 

Ready to launch your project?

Intensive Writing Life Coaching

A holistic approach to artist development.

Phase I: Personal Assessments -- Who you are and what drives your writing

Writing comes from the body. It's an organic exercise that engages much more than your brain's linguistic functions and hands. Your writing life is directly linked to all the other variables in your life. That's why SW begins with personal assessments to get to know you -- your habits, beliefs, how you work and, most importantly, how you see the world. We start with questionnaires and worksheets that determine your
  • Personality Type
  • Learning Style 
  • Core Values
  • Lifestyle --  Assessments determine diet, exercise, social balance, family life, recreation, spiritual life, other hobbies, artist/creative investments
  • Schedule -- You will fill out a daily schedule log, paying close attention to times you typically write.

Phase II: Who you are as a writer/artist

  • Writing goals
  • Core message(s)
  • Where you fit: your writing career(s) & genre(s)
Writing Practice
  • Journaling and journal prompts
  • Timed writing
  • Idea Generation
  • Regular prompts to discover what you need to work on
Writing Goals & Planning
  • Establish long term and short term goals
  • Determine writing projects & Scope
  • Map out goal projects schedule and milestones

Phase III: Your Writing Project(s)

Writing Project Planning
  • Decide on project
  • Define project scope
  • Determine writing schedule
  • Determine milestones
Project Execution
  • Begin first draft(s)
  • First draft reading
  • Edit
  • Revisions
  • Completion
  • Submission, production or publication

Ready to discover your writing potential?