Brand Development

We start with individual and brand goals assessments. We discover your brand's heart, your passion. Then, we nail down your core values and create repeatable messaging that seasons all your content -- each sales pitch, press packet, blog and social media post -- that bears your brand's identity.  We bake your distinct flavor into every bite of content.  

Brand Messaging

Brand Messaging Program 

  • Brand Personality Profile
  • Brand Culture Profile
  • Culture Building Strategy
  • Brand Voice Profile
  • Content/Editorial Mission Statement
  • Brand Story & Company History
  • Slogans and Taglines

We help you discover, develop and deliver your brand's core message

Shaston Writes' brand messaging approach amplifies your unmistakeable, one-of-a-kind voice based on 3 keys:
  • Brand Identity 
  • Brand Consistency
  • Brand Clarity

Take a look at all we offer in the drop-down accordions below.


Brand Aesthetic Design

Brand Image Design

Color Palette


Photography/Photo Editing

Logo Design

We don't just write. We design.

Need a makeover? We've got just what you need. We can freshen your existing look or start from scratch by designing your brand's total aesthetic -- custom logo, color palette, font combinations and more. 

Web Design

$100 per hour

  • Customization
  • Domains/Hosting/Go-Live
  • Landing Page/Banner/Navigation
  • Layout/Colors/Style
  • Web Content
  • Animation
  • Email/Google Integration
  • E-Commerce/Portals
  • WordPress Configuration
  • Training/Password/Keys

Our creative content studio partners with Atlanta's digital draftsmen.

Shaston Writes and Classic City Consulting team up to build your one-of-a-kind website that unlocks capability and sparkles with an on-trend aesthetic that gives your brand an online edge. Together, we provide the best of both worlds -- the technical and the artistic. 

Pitches & Presentations

$60 per hour

Elevator Pitches

  • :15, :30, 1:00, 2:00
  • Image Consultation
  • Pitch Coaching & Rehearsal




  • Presentation Planning & Development
  • Slide Presentations
  • Sales Decks
  • Design Elements: Images, Photos & Graphics

Workshops & Training 

  • Lesson Planning & Syllabi
  • Worksheet Design
  • Activities & Exercises
  • Assessments



Not everyone is comfortable in the spotlight. Let us give you the confidence.

If you sweat public presentations, let us help. We script elevator pitches, presentations, and workshops that stay true to your brand voice and capture attention. Then we coach and rehearse your delivery until it rolls off your tongue.