Writing something doesn't mean you've communicated it." -- Jeremy Bullmore

Meaningful, effective communication is woefully underrated. In fact, it's a skill that often eludes the most deft writers, thought-leaders, and industry giants. Not everyone has the ability to communicate ideas, solutions, and values in a way that inspires others and spurs them to action. 

Shaston Writes is obsessed with applying and improving communication skills to every piece of content -- from web copy to mini-documentaries. Every well-chosen word must stir the heart of the reader, hearer, and viewer while telling your story with crystal clarity. It can't be overly written, sappy, indiscriminately jaunty or obtuse.  And that's not easy. 

When you work with Shaston Writes, you can be confident your brand's unmistakeable voice and message are our top priorities. Isn't that what you want in a writer?