CADA: Art Basel Miami

Art Curator Ludlow E. Bailey has his hands in many pots. He has to be pro-active if he’s to succeed in bringing African Diaspora artists and their creations to the international scene.  In recent years, he’s paved a path for these specialized artists to get the exposure they deserve..

Denise Marie Filmore

Denise Marie Filmore can start a business on a whim and make it soar. We were neighbors for 5 years. But one fateful November day in 2012, Denise and I talked for hours about launching her new venture as a start-up marketing coach and I caught her fire! We’ve been inseparable ever since. It’s..

Press Releases

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Maids of Havana: The Movie
Press Announcement: PR3 — MOH (5)

Crowd Funding Campaign Launch Event: MOH Press Release Revision3(1) (1)
Contemporary African Diaspora Art (CADA)
Mother Goddess..

Terms You Should Know: Connection Economy

Terms You Should Know: Connection Economy

What It Is
Nearly 20 years ago, author/publisher Kevin Kelly wrote New rules for the new economy: 10 Radical Strategies For A Connected World – a book in which he introduced a concept that marketing guru Seth Godin later made famous:
“The new economy is about communication, deep..

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