Our Mission

We craft content that sings to hearts, resonates in minds, and connects human-led brands to the people who share their values.


Our Vision

We seek to raise the standard in effective human-to-human communication to help shape a world where people from one side of the planet to the other perfectly understand each other.


Our Core Values

  • Listen actively. We’re mining for gold.
  • Be real. Transparency is a beautiful thing.
  • An authentic voice is a distinctive voice. 
  • Respect the language.
  • Connection trumps erudition.
  • Clarity, clarity, clarity and more clarity
  • Show, don't tell. Words can paint beautiful pictures.
  • Don't overwrite. Just say it.


You slay at what you do.  So do we.

Your products are top-notch. Your services trounce your competitors. Your ideas crush the box. You’re a rising star.

You’ve got one nagging problem: you don’t write. That’s okay.  Not all of us do. Nevertheless, this is the digital age when "content is king." Without killer content, you can’t get in the game.  Outbound marketing – brochures, cold calls, email blasts, traditional advertising – isn’t where the action is. The party’s happening online and on social networks. That’s where you need to be.

We’re uniquely qualified to craft content that transforms your brand to next-level success.  

"Yeah," you say, "sounds great, but I can’t afford to."  You're competing for digital air space in the 21st-century connection economy, you can’t afford not to.



Context + Accuracy = Truth

That's how I think, write, edit and coach. Holistically -- balls to bone, soup to nuts. I'm not writing peppy prose for and about you and your brand because it's what everybody else is doing. I'm writing from the heart through the veins and down the limbs of your brand so your tribe gets you. If they see the whole you, they'll go to the wall for you because they trust the rawness ... the realness. That's the way I see it. And, if you ask anyone who's worked with me, they'll tell you my approach works.

I'm thorough, so it'll take a little time. Shaston Writes' brand messaging, coaching programs and e-courses are comprehensive. They're designed to extract the purest essence of your identity. Once I flesh out your brand identity, I'll work on image.  I'll help you focus your mission, map your content marketing goals and articulate who you are in a spot-on messaging strategy tailored to your tribe -- the people who need your brand the most!