5 Top Small-Business Posts of 2017 from The Experts Blog

In case you missed them, these blog post for entrepreneurs trended in the Wall Street Journal in 2017. While you’re catching up on your reading before Q1 takes off, don’t forget to add these to you must-read list

In 2017, the WSJ Experts panel wrote about meaningful ways entrepreneurs can build and improve their small businesses. Below are five of the most-popular small-business Experts blog posts of 2017. And you can read what they had to say throughout the year here. The Experts is made up of industry thought leaders from business, academia and nonprofits who weigh in on the big issues they see in the field.  It is a part of the The Journal Report online. A persistent frustration of many businesses is the loss in translation from strategic intent to actual behavior. Everyone agrees to focus on priority X, only to then have people spend just slightly more time on X while continuing to distract themselves with lesser priorities. This problem has pervaded the realm of sales, where senior executives have long been hamstrung by the dearth of reliable data about which activities and behaviors lead to the best outcomes. Much of the data from sources such as customer relationship management reporting tools and time studies is self-reported, which makes it inherently flawed. Read the full column by Bain & Co. executive and author James Allen. “Sleep is the healer of all mortal suffering,” Sophocles wrote in Philoctetes. I learned… Read more here …

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